Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Cabo San Lucas

February 25th we went to Cabo San Lucas.  We booked a hotel because we wanted to take a boat tour out to the arch, and do some snorkeling.  When we got there we parked and did some shopping and had lunch at the Marina.  We then went to check into the hotel, which was not very far from the Marina.  The hotel was not bad, although the bed was too hard.  We got ready and went back to the Marina for dinner and some night life.  Dinner was so good, we had sea bass which was the catch of the day, you can't get fresher than that!!  After dinner we went to Senor Frogs for a drink.  The music was so loud we couldn't even talk to each other!  We didn't stay very long.  We walked around for a bit then went back to the hotel.  February 26th we had a tour booked on a glass bottom boat.  They do a 45 min. tour then they dropped us off at Pelican beach(not really a beach it was all rocks)they said that was the best snorkeling area.  They asked us how long we wanted to stay and then they would pick us up again.  We stayed for 1 1/2 hours, it was a lot of fun!!  When we got back to the marina we had lunch, then it was in the car back to Los Barriles.  It was a fun two days!!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

La Paz to Los Barriles

Yesterday Feb. 22nd we found an amazing empty beach, not far from the resort we were staying at in La Paz.  You can walk forever, we walked and collected shells.  I am just in my glory whenever I am on a beach, and there are so many beautiful beaches on the Baja!!  Today Feb. 23rd we left for our next destination which is Los Barriles.  We got here, set up, then checked out the resort and walked the short distance to the beach, another spectacular beach!!  We are staying at East Cape Casas & RV Resort.  We will be here for 11 days.  This is as far south as we take our rigs.  This resort is our home base.  We will do day trips from here, Cabo San Lucas and Todo Santos will be places we are going to see.

Walking the Malecon

Today we went into La Paz and checked out the Malecon.  It is very beautiful to walk, with shops, restaurants and lots of photo opportunities.  We had lunch in an open air restaurant looking out at the sea!  La Paz is quite big with 220,000 people!  They have Carnival here and were setting up for that.  It starts Feb. 23rd and goes for 5 days!  Lots of music parades and fun.  Unfortunately we won’t be here for that because we are booked at an RV Park at Los Barriles.  We had a great day!

Rain! Rain! Rain!

From Loreto to Ciudad Constitucion we had a lot of rain and wind!  We got to Ciudad Constitucion and stayed at Palapa 206 RV Park and Motel.  We paid for 1 night as it was our stop before La Paz.  The next morning we packed up and left and ran into construction.  Because of the rain they had, the roads were mud pits!!  We parked on the road and watched while buses & trucks got stuck and slip sliding away!!  We decided to go back to the campground to stay for one more night.  We did not want to chance getting bogged down in the mud!  Doug had to back up for about 1 km to get turned around, 2 mexican guys in a truck helped us.  One guy in the truck drove behind us with his four way lights on and the other guy helped guide Doug back down the highway.  We really appreciated their help!!  It was an extremely stressful morning!!  We were so happy to get back to the campground.  The next morning Leon drove his car to check out the road, it was dry and much better!  I can’t believe how fast it dried out, well not all of it, but most of the road was dry.  We packed up and set out again.  This time we made it through without any problems.  When we got closer to La Paz there was more construction  it was slow but easy to get through!  We are now at Campestre Maranatha Rv Park.  They had two caravan groups coming in so they had no hookup spots so we got two nice spots in the back that was nice and private.  We are both set up for boondocking so it was not a problem for us.  We are staying 3 nights here so we can check out La Paz.


Playa Santispac–Bahia Concepcion

This is such an amazing place to stay.  We are right on the beach!!  We stayed here Feb. 13th to 16th.  The weather has been spectacular!!  On our way back we are going to stay for at least 10 days!!  The first thing I did was get on my paddle board and paddled on this gorgeous water, which by the way is nice and warm!!

San Ignacio and Mulege

Feb 8th to 10th we stayed at Rice and beans Oasis Rv Park.  It was a nice place with a great restaurant!!  They made the best Margarita’s and the food was very good!  On the 10th we left and our next stop was Mulege, where we stayed at Villa Maria Isabel RV Park.  We really enjoyed this park and the owner’s son Daniel was so friendly and helpful!!  We did laundry in Mulege and some grocery shopping.  We went to see the Mission and also the Prison, which was turned into a museum.  It was very interesting.