Monday, 17 November 2014

All Snug and Cozy!

Well, we finally got our skirting on Thursday!  We were so thankful for that, because we had our water lines freeze twice!!  Boy, does it ever make a difference with the skirting!!:)  We also got a small ceramic heater to put in the storage compartment.  We turn that on when it gets real cold at night.  It works like a charm!  We are now all snug and cozy for the coming winter.
We made another trip back to BC this weekend to pick up some more things.  I needed some more clothes (fancy for Christmas & New Years!), and I wanted to get my sewing machine and some other things.  Doug needed a few things from the garage, the snow shovel being one of them.  We will definitely be needing that this winter!!  The weather was great and the road conditions were perfect for the trip out and back.  Hopefully we have everything we need from the house because these quick overnight trips back are tiring!!
This week the weather is suppose to be good, not cold!!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Getting ready for winter!

We have a list of stuff to get to prepare our unit for winter!  We are still waiting for our insulated skirting from Kimbers Creations,  hopefully  we will get that soon!!  My brother sent me a list of things that should be done to have a comfy cozy winter experience.  He got a lot of information from guys who spend the winter in Fort MacMurray in their units.  He is going to be spending the winter in his fifth wheel in Fort Mac.  So, our weekend will be going to Home Depot to pick up all that we need, and prepare for winter.
The weather has been fantastic so far.  Today however it is snowing, but tomorrow it is suppose to warm up a gain.  Just in time for us to get things done.  Today the guy from Mobiltech is coming to install our sattelite dish Yhaaaaaaaa!  We can finally watch TV again.  We haven't watched tv for 2 months.  I have done a lot of reading and knitting!:)