Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Conditions Removed!!

Doug and I went to BC on the 2nd of Sept.  We rented a U-haul and our son & daughter in  law came on the weekend to help load.  We did 3 dump runs and a thrift store run, man I can't believe we had so much!!  We got the call on the 4th that the conditions were removed!  We were so releaved that the sale went through!  We can now focus on what we really want to do and that is travel in our Fifth Wheel!  It was an exhausting 5 days!  We left on Sunday to miss the long weekend rush on Monday! We didn't get home till 2AM, boy were we ever tired!!  Monday our son & daughter in law came to Cochrane to help us unload our things in our storage unit.  Then it was off to our daughters house to drop off what she wanted.  Then all of us went to our sons house to unload their stuff.  Our daughter ordered pizza, and we all sat and had a meal together!  There were only 5 things left to unload, so Doug and our son finished that off.  We left about 9:30PM and got back home at 10PM.  At least we were in bed by a decent time.  Our son dropped the U-Haul off in Airdrie on Tuesday morning for us, as we both had to work.  I am so glad that it is all finished.