Monday, 8 September 2014

The Four Letter word S....W!!

Yesterday was a beautiful warm day, 25C.  We went to church, after church our friends took us out for lunch.  We then came back to the campground to show them where we were staying.  We sat outside and had drink.  It was a pleasant day!

This morning I got up to a surprise, it is snowing.  Welcome to Alberta!!  Anything can happen!! Today I plan on doing laundry, then I will drive Doug to work in the afternoon.  I will then go to our daughters house to drop off the truck.  We are getting our out of province inspection and our fifth wheel hitch put on.  We will be switching vehicles with our son-in-law for a couple of days.  It has been a busy week, but I love it!!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

The RV Life

All settled in at Bow Rivers Edge Campground, Cochrane, AB.  We are quite comfortable in Our daughters trailer!  Got everything as organized as possible.  We will be living out of our suitcases for a month, but I don't mind!  We are both very excited about picking up our Fifth Wheel on October 4th!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Alberta Bound

Sept. 1, 2014

The day has finally arrived!!  My last day of work.  I worked the Sani-Dump from 8AM to noon,  got real busy at 11AM.  It was a mass exodus from the campground.

I said my goodbyes to my co-workers.  I really enjoyed getting to know this group of people!!  It was a fun summer, I could not have had a better job.  I got to work in the out doors!!:)  Doug came to the park to pick me up then we were on our way.  The highway was extremely busy!!  We got backed up in a hugh traffic jam (2hours) due to construction!!!!!  It took us 10 hours to get to Airdrie.  It was the worst trip ever!  We didn't get to Alyssa & Steve's till 11PM.  They had their trailer set up in the driveway, so we just put our stuff in the trailer.  We had a little visit then off to bed.  The next morning I emptied the coolers and put stuff in the fridge.  Got some organizing done then Doug hooked up the trailer.  We took off for Cochrane.  We stopped at where Doug will be working, he asked if it was possible to start tomorrow instead of today.  She said that would be OK.  Thank goodness, because of setting up and getting some groceries the time flew by. At least he can relax tonight and start his new job tomorrow!!:)

Alyssa, Steve and the girls are coming out tonight for dinner and a much needed glass of wine!;)  Looking forward to a relaxing evening!!