Sunday, 2 October 2016

Holiday Park RV Resort, Kelowna, BC

We got here yesterday at noon.  We checked in and got our spot, and got set up.  We went for a quick walk around.  This is a great resort with lots of activities.  I will definately take advantage while we are here. This morning after breakfast we walked and checked out all the rec. buildings and pools. We checked out the beach and the lake, which is quite nice!  We went to the Country Kitchen restaurant and store, they are having a Thanksgiving dinner, so we signed up for that!  I don't have to cook!!  They have a main rec. building which has a pool, hot tub, gym, and excersise classes like Zumba, which I am going to try.  I really like this resort, you can be as busy as you want or just relax!!  We are going to enjoy being here for the month!
Here are some pictures of the resort.