Monday, 11 April 2016

Crazy Month!!

Well, here is an update on what went on the past month.  As stated in my last post we had to take our unit into Woody's to get the solar system put on.  March 6th we packed everything up, and pulled out. In the park Doug took a corner to sharp and hit a metal pole!  The fifth wheel was badly damaged!  I was not a happy camper.  When we got to Woody's we asked if they could fix the damage, also replace our fresh water tank that got a crack(luckily we bought extended warranty).  They said they would be able to do that.  We ended up staying in a hotel for 4 days(not cheap!!!)  I called the insurance company right away, and they got the claim going.  I called Woody's back and told them what the insurance co. said.  The claims adjuster was suppose to check out the damage, then the parts could be ordered.  After day 3 I called the insurance co. back as the adjuster had not been to inspect the damage yet, I told them we needed to get the parts ordered.  They said go ahead and order them.  I called Woody's back and gave the go ahead to order the parts.  The bad thing was it would take 4 to six weeks for the parts to come in.  We were thinking we couldn't stay in hotel that long, we would go broke!!  We have some awesome friends!!!!  They gave us their Motor Home to stay in while the repairs were being done!!  Well,  it took less time than they thought, the parts came in and our unit was repaired.  We picked up our unit April 6th, and we were both so happy to have it back.  The only thing is the inverter for the solar system had not come in yet, so we will have to bring our unit back to Woody's when that comes in.  The good thing is it will be a quick install because everything else was installed.  It is supposed to come in at the end of this month.  Doug now is very careful when he takes corners!!