Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Our 5 Day BC Trip

Packed up, hooked up and were on our way to BC.  We got to Ross Creek Campground early evening.  This campground is only 5 minutes from our house in Anglemont.  We picked up our key from Scott and Julie, then went to the house to check out the deck railing damage.  We were pleasantly surprised to find it would be a quick fix.  All Doug had to buy were some bolts.  Only one post was damaged and we had an extra in the garage, Yay!!!  Saturday was an extremely busy day!  We brought all our winter stuff to the house and unloaded it.  We then loaded all the stuff we need for the summer, plus our mattress (which was super heavy).  We went back to the campground and unloaded the stuff from the truck.  While I put things away, Doug went into Scotch Creek to Rona, to pick up the bolts.  When he got back, we went to the house and Doug worked on the Deck Railing.  I went through our pictures and other stuff and got things I needed for the Anniversary Party.  I also did all my laundry so I didn't have to use a laundromat, which was very nice!!  At about 4:30PM  we were finished.  We locked up the house and went back to the campground.  We unloaded the rest of the stuff from the truck, our golf clubs etc.  We then made drinks and relaxed for the rest of the evening.
Sunday was a very laid back relaxing day!  We got up, had breakfast and then sat in the sun for awhile.  We went to Recline Ridge Winery to buy a case of wine.  We talked to the guy there and I told him what I was wanting in a wine.  He let us taste the white wines they had, and we chose a very nice crisp white with a little sweetness to it.  When we got back to the campground we opened the chilled bottle and had that.  It is a very nice wine!!  We relaxed for the rest of the evening.
Monday we packed up and hooked up, we decided to go to Crazy Creek Campground and Hot Pools for our last day.  We stopped in Sicamouse and had breakfast, then to the Campground.  It was only 20 minutes from Sicamouse.  We got all set up and relaxed.  We went for a walk and checked out the rest of the campground.  We sat outside for quite awhile.  We then had supper and about 7PM we went to the hot pool.  It was so nice to relax in the pool.  Unfortunately it started to rain so our plans to have a campfire were squashed!!:(
Tuesday we packed up and got hooked up and left to go back to Alberta.  We are in Bow Rivers Edge Campground in Cochrane for the summer.  We got to the campground about 4:30PM.  We got all hooked up and are now settled in.