Thursday, 26 March 2015

Out of commission for awhile!

Well, I went skiing with my daughter Alyssa on Saturday to Lake Louise.  On the first run of the day I fell hard on my arm.  I got assessed at the first aid station, and was told to go to the hospital for x-rays.  They got a truck and took Alyssa and I down the hill to her truck.  We then drove to Banff Mineral Springs Hospital.  They got me in and x-rayed my arm.  I have a small hairline fracture on my upper arm.  Now I have to take it easy and not bump or bang it on anything.  The day was not a whole bust.  We did go for dinner in Banff, and at least had a day in the mountains.  It was a beautiful day too, just too bad we could not have skied the whole day!!