Friday, 20 November 2015

Trouble comes in three's

Boy has it ever been a sucky few weeks!!  First we had a problem with our black tank backing up.We got that fixed, it cost over $300.00.  Next we had a power surge at the park we are in, we lost power and it would not come back on.  There were a few other people in the park that had the same problem.  Doug talked to a guy across from us and he said he had a mobile RV guy coming out to fix his unit.  We got the guys number and called him, he said he would stop by and fix our problem when he was done. We had to spend the night in a motel, another unnecessary cost!   It ended up being a fairly easy fix and cost us $168.00.  While this problem was being fixed the guy that delivers water was filling our tank and he heard a pop, the tank cracked!!  Wow, could anything else go wrong.   We decided to get a spot at Springhill RV Park for the winter because they are fully winterized and we can hook up our hose to get water instead of filling our water tank.  I was worried about that to begin with and also thought it would be hard on the pump working it for 5 months.  So, December 1st we will be moving to Springhill RV Park.  It is a bit of a hassle because we have to take our skirting off!  Oh well, once we are settled it will be OK.  We went to Bucars RV and talked to the service department about getting the tank fixed.  We booked our unit in for March 22nd, hopefully our extended warranty will cover this fix!  The guy that fixed our electrical problem is coming back to hard wire a surge protector to our unit so we won't have that problem again.  We are also getting a quote from him for installing a solar system, so we can do a lot of boondocking.  We will probably get that installed in May.  One good thing is that we are here only for this winter, then next winter we will be heading to warmer climates!!!!