Thursday, 26 January 2017

Awesome Day!!

Today was a fantastic day!  We got ready and on the road for a day of touring.  We left at 9:30AM and drove to Palm Springs, California.  Our first stop was the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway which takes you up to an elevation of 8,516 feet.  The view was spectacular!!  There was 4 feet of snow at the top.  We couldn't walk to far on the trails because they were ice covered or closed.  It would have been nice to do some exploring.  When we got back down we stopped at the Visitors Center and had our lunch.  Next, we drove to the area where some stars used to live.   The homes where beautiful! The next thing we did was drove to Joshua Tree National Park.  It was quite beautiful with a very diverse landscape.  We saw different types of cactus, and the Joshua Tree, also huge boulders they were so neat to see.  This is a place we are definitely coming back to.  There are so many things to see and hikes to take.  We will take a whole day and just explore the park!  To end the day we went to Pappy & Harriets Pioneertown Palace for supper.  It is a very unique place, and the food was delicious!  We got back home at 9:30PM.  We all had a super day!!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Crazy Weather

Last night we stayed in a Flying J Truck Stop in Lebec, California.  During the night the winds picked up and it started pouring!!  We woke up to very strong winds and pouring rain, the wind was so strong it tore our slide cover!!  This did not made me very happy.  We waited till after lunch to leave, the winds died down but it was still pouring rain.  We packed up and took off for our next stop Valencia Travel Village RV Park in Castaic, California.  It was not a very long drive but it was extremely stressful!!  There were accidents all over the place, we even saw an SUV loose control and go flying into the median guard rail, it was scary!!!  We are staying at this RV Park for 2 days then we head to Hemet for a week stay in a 5 star resort.  I sure hope the weather is going to be better, because I have to say it sure has sucked so far!!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Shasta Dam Tour and Kit Fox RV Park Patterson, California

We took a tour of Shasta Dam on January 14th.  It is the 2nd biggest dam in America.  It was our first time we have toured a Dam and it was quite interesting.  They took us down to where the turbines were, they were very big and loud.  They had a room where we got the history of the dam and how they built it.  On the 15th we took off and drove to Patterson, California which is south of Sacramento.  They had quite a bit of flooding in Sacramento!  The weather has not been that great so far.  The warmest we had was 14c, and only for 3 days.  We are at Kit Fox RV Park, and are staying here till Friday.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

On The Move Finally!!

We left Eugene Kamping World RV Park Jan. 10th,  the weather was finally co-operating!  We drove to Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, Oregon.  It was raining pretty much all the way(at least it wasn’t snow).  We parked in their RV dry lot and stayed the night.  We went to the Casino and got a players card which is free.  That gives us discounts, also they put $5.00 on the card for free play.  I won my $5.00 back.  After we did a bit of gambling we went for the buffet dinner which was delicious!!  After dinner we went to the Elements Lounge had a drink and listened to Jimmy Stare, he played a lot of old rock and roll songs.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  The next morning we went to the Casino for breakfast, great prices with the card! We checked the weather before heading out.  It looked good, the roads were clear and dry. We decided our next stop was Redding, California.  I checked my Passport America book and Wonderland RV Park was a member and you could stay a maximum of 3 nights.  Our drive through the pass and onward was very relaxing as the roads were very good.  The scenery was spectacular!  We pulled over at a Vista Point and took some pictures.  When we got to the park we got set up and then had happy hour!  It was a very enjoyable day!

Monday, 9 January 2017

Stressful Drive!!

We left the TA Truck stop in Oregon City, Or. to go to Eugene Kamping World RV Park in Coburg, Oregon.  What should have been a 1 hour drive, turned into 3 hours as we hit a horrible snow storm!! The driving was very slow going, 40km's /hour.  There were Trucks and cars in the ditch all along the way.  It wasn't surprising to me as they were flying by us too fast!!  There were times we couldn't even see very far ahead.  We were so glad to arrive in one piece to the RV Park.  We will be staying tonight then accessing the roads tomorrow, and probably leave as it looks not too bad.  Here are a few pictures of our drive, and our spot at the RV Park in Coburg, Oregan.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Christmas 2016

On December 21st we flew out of Kelowna to Calgary.  Steven picked us up from the airport in Calgary.  We stayed with Steven and Nancy, and had a wonderful Christmas with Steven, Nancy and the boys, and Alyssa and the girls!!  We wanted to do more outdoor activities but a snow storm blew in.  We spent Christmas eve day with Alyssa and the girls.  We opened presents with them, then Christmas eve night we were all at Steven and Nancy's.  The girls and Alyssa opened gifts with them as the girls were going to their dad's and spending Christmas day with him.  Christmas morning was very exciting with the boy's.  I love the energy and excitement!!  On boxing day Alyssa did my hair as I am not going to see her for 4 months.  I am really going to need one when we get back!  On the 27th we all went to Banff to take the kids tobogganing.  We had a lot of fun!!  We were going to go in the hot pool, but it was too busy!!  Steven, Nancy and the boys went home.  Alyssa, Doug, the girls and I walked around Banff then went for dinner to Melissa's Missteak.  We had an excellent day!! Alyssa dropped us off at Leon and Cindy's as we were leaving in the morning to go back to Osoyoos. We wanted to leave by at least 10AM but Leon and Cindy had issues getting the car hooked up on the hitch behind the Motorhome. We ended up going into Cochrane to the hitch place.  They got it hooked up quickly, Leon and Cindy were doing it wrong, the instructions were not very clear!!  We finally got on the road at 2pm!  We got as far as Revelstoke and stayed in the rest area for the night.  The roads were not good and it was snowing like crazy!!  Leon was quite stressed driving in that, especially when it got dark.  The next morning it was still snowing quite heavy, but easier going in the daylight.  We stopped in Sicamous for breakfast.  The rest of the way the roads were clear and dry!  It was nice to get back and sleep in our bed again.  January the 4th we will leave and make our way to the Baja!!  I am so excited for our winter adventures!!