Wednesday, 9 November 2016

NK'Mip RV Resort

We got here November 1st and it is a really nice resort.  Very well kept and lots of activities! People are very friendly here, we also met a nice couple that went to the Baja last winter.  We got lots of information from them.  They gave us a lot of tips and good places to stay.  There are a lot of wineries in this area.  This is the first time we have spent any amount of time in Osoyoos and I really like the area!  The park has a christmas winery tour and we are going to go on that one!!  Looking forward to tasting and buying some new wines!  They have a Monday meeting which we went to and they let you know all that is going on.  That is where we found out about the winery tour.  The weather has been fantastic, it is hard to believe we are in November.  I hope the weather is going to be nice the rest of the time we are here.  Here are some pictures.