Monday, 9 January 2017

Stressful Drive!!

We left the TA Truck stop in Oregon City, Or. to go to Eugene Kamping World RV Park in Coburg, Oregon.  What should have been a 1 hour drive, turned into 3 hours as we hit a horrible snow storm!! The driving was very slow going, 40km's /hour.  There were Trucks and cars in the ditch all along the way.  It wasn't surprising to me as they were flying by us too fast!!  There were times we couldn't even see very far ahead.  We were so glad to arrive in one piece to the RV Park.  We will be staying tonight then accessing the roads tomorrow, and probably leave as it looks not too bad.  Here are a few pictures of our drive, and our spot at the RV Park in Coburg, Oregan.

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